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Did You Know...?

It takes 200 lbs of Food a WEEK to care for our 200+ cats! And that doesn't count the kittens! Or the dogs!

Jr Volunteer & CatsPlease help us make a difference in the lives of homeless pets. Safe Harbor accepts financial donations, goods, and services. Donation receipts are provided for all in-person and online donations.

Your gifts to Safe Harbor will:

  • Facilitate the adoption of pets to responsible owners
  • Make it possible for us to spay and neuter all rescued cats and dogs
  • Provide basic vaccinations
  • Meet basic and extraordinary medical needs of surrendered and/or rescued cats and dogs
  • Provide food, litter, and shelter for the sanctuary population
  • Rescue stray and injured animals
  • Provide humane and safety education to students

Won’t you consider making a donation?

You Can Make a Difference

Contributing to Safe Harbor is easy—and SO important! There are levels for every size pocketbook. Unless you request otherwise, all Donations of financial or tangible goods will be acknowledged here on the website.

Purchase Safe Harbor Merchandise — t-shirts, totes, and more are available at the Safe Harbor Thrift Store or go online at "The Quotable Cat" at CafePress. All profits from the sale of merchandise goes to Safe Harbor.

Be a Safe Harbor Benefactor

— with a donation of $100 to $499

Be a Safe Harbor Patron

— with a donation of over $500. Safe Harbor Patrons who donate $500 or more are recognized with a plate on our Sanctuary Patron Plaque.

Safe Harbor also needs gifts of time, energy, and talent.

Won’t you consider becoming a Safe Harbor Volunteer? Download an application here.

Guardian Angels

A few of our cats are not good candidates for adoption and will probably be sanctuary cats for the duration of their natural lives. We also house some felines with special needs: they may be elderly, or they may require a high level of medical or maintenance care like little Fearless, whose spina bifida made round-the-clock diapering a necessity.

Our ongoing expenses for these animals include food, veterinary care, and many other things that are part and parcel of responsible pet caretaking.

You can help us by taking one of these unadoptable felines under your wing, so to speak, and assuming some or all caretaking costs (the level of sponsorship is up to you). Call us for details to find out how you can become a Guardian Angel to one of our special kitties.


If you would like to help us and our animal friends with a financial gift, please send your check made payable to Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary to:

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary
359 Cree Lane
Jackson, MO 63755

To make a donation from the We Need It! List, you may drop during the hours listed below. For all other deliveries, PLEASE, PLEASE call the Sanctuary Director to arrange for a Staff member to be on hand to accept your delivery.

OR... You may make a donation using a credit card through PayPal by clicking the Make a Donation Button Below. Online donations will be acknowledged via U.S. mail with a receipt that you may use for tax purposes.


Buy Cool Safe Harbor Stuff like clothes, magnets, cups, bags and More! More! More! A portion of the proceeds of all sales goes to the upkeep of the Adorable Adoptables at SHAS! Won't you help?

Sanctuary Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m Daily

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359 Cree Lane, Jackson, MO 63755 | Phone 573-243-9823
Please lend your support to our sister organization, Silverwalk Hounds
Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation licensed by the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture
All donations made to Safe Harbor are tax deductible.