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Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is located in Cape Girardeau County. Our goal is to provide a safe harbor for as many homeless cats and kittens as our facility (and funds) can manage. We also maintain a number of dog kennels and runs for our K-9 adoptables.

Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, free-roam animal sanctuary whose goal is to provide a safe refuge and find loving lifelong owners for homeless cats and dogs in Cape Girardeau County and the neighboring area. With the help of local veterinarians, all animals of the appropriate age who come into Safe Harbor’s care are spayed or neutered, and are given basic inoculations.

Our Mission

  • We will provide shelter, food, medical attention, and lots of love for as many animals as funding and donations allow.
  • Through an adoption policy and screening, we will adopt out to loving homes all animals considered adoptable
  • We will provide a permanent home and compassion for all animals with specials needs that are not easily adopted out.
  • Through participation in local events and special meetings, we will educate people about various animal diseases and the need to spay/neuter.
  • We will hold a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to solicit contributions and give people a chance to discuss problems and solutions with us.
  • We will provide a loving atmosphere for volunteers, visitors, and pets. Our desire is to make Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary a special place where peace, goodwill, and love can be found.

Care, maintenance, and veterinary care are costly. You can help by supporting SHAS events, becoming a volunteer, purchasing Safe Harbor merchandise, or making a generous, tax-deductible donation.

You can make a difference.

Please explore our site to learn how you can help.

The new Sanctuary (rear view). Construction was completed July 2009.

Omega House, the Original Safe Harbor Sanctuary Building. Omega House is now three segregated areas for our "wild" cats, leukemia positive, and FIV positive cats.

Silverwalk Hounds

Safe Harbor is pleased to welcome Silverwalk Hounds as a division of Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. Silverwalk is managed by Roberta Beach as a home-based sanctuary specializing in beagles, hounds, and geriatric dogs.


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Sanctuary Hours: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 4 to 6 p.m Daily

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359 Cree Lane, Jackson, MO 63755 | Phone 573-243-9823
Please lend your support to our sister organization, Silverwalk Hounds
Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation licensed by the Missouri Dept. of Agriculture
All donations made to Safe Harbor are tax deductible.